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We wanted to start this blog as a way to keep track of all the new things going on in our family...read along for fun tales, lots of pictures and just try and keep up with the chaos!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

This is what happens when Mom leaves Dad alone with Ellie in the mall...

So the whole family went to Oak Park Mall on a Saturday.  Tommy and I left Mikey and Ellie for a minute to duck into a store.  This video captures what I walked out to.  Please note my surprised reaction to see what Ellie and Mikey were up to.

Please note:  Mom's heart attack aside, Ellie had a blast on the Mall Jump, and Mikey further proved why he is "Fun Dad".  Also - sorry for the sideways video, having problems turning it right side up. Hopefully you get the idea.

A couple of Jayhawk fans

Cheering on the Hawks against Texas.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maddy and the Bassinet

I wanted to show everyone a funny picture.  I was cuddling with Tommy in bed yesterday morning and happened to look up and spy Maddy in Tommy's bassinet, all cuddled up. What can we say, she is our princess!

Tommy is Two Months Old

Tommy turned two months old yesterday and we celebrated by going to the doctor.  On the upside, we found out that Tommy weighs 9 pounds, 13 ounces and grew an inch since his two week appointment.  That puts him at 10 percentile in weight and 3 percentile in height.  He is a teeny guy!  On the downside, he got three shots, which made him pretty angry.

Tommy is a pretty happy guy.  He talks a lot and responds back to you if you coo to him.  He smiles a lot, loves to look at the ceiling fans in our house and likes to look at the mobile in his crib.  He is sleeping well, from about 8 pm until 4 am.  We hope he can make it to 6 am soon, but are really appreciative of the 8 hours he is giving us already!  

Here are some pictures of him during the past month.

Papa and Ellie

Got a great picture of Papa and Ellie reading together...quite a pair!

Tommy Can Smile

Check out the grin on this kid...he started smiling at 6 weeks and has mastered it quite nicely.  Always giving his mama great big smiles, plus some for Dad and Ellie too!

New Year's Eve Fun

We had a great New Year's Eve this year.  The Harris family had us over, complete with games, arts and crafts and tons of toys.  There were a lot of kids there - the Kilroys, the Schoenfelds, Julie and Russ Harris.  We got some great pictures of all the action...its going to be a busy year this year!

Party girl, lots of gear.  Check out all the necklaces...

I love this picture...look at the destruction on the floor of the house...8 kids cause a lot of mess.

Showing how she can blow her horn

The arts and crafts table...everyone making snowmen with stickers


Video of the arts and crafts.....