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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Princess Ballerina

Ellie recently got her first ballet lesson.  We went to our neighborhood ballet place, who put on an hour and a half princess ballet class.  This class was focused on Sleeping Beauty.  Her class learned ballet poses and moves, made princess visors, read stories about Sleeping Beauty and danced to music from the movie.

I was super proud of Ellie.  She wasn't shy in her class at all.  She paid attention, was a good listener, and even stayed up on her tip toes for a good part of the class.  I even got to see her do a solo complete with spins and twirls.  We may have to enroll her in dance class for real, if only to see her in a tutu more often.

Listening to instructions

Holding hands and learning the positions

More learning...please note the sparkly dresses on the wall.  All the ballerinas got to put these on at the end during their solos.  Ellie was pretty excited about that dress.

Tip toes

Standing with her friend Maeve after class with the visors they made.  Neither girl would pose of course, but I snapped away.

Ellie is a Flower Girl

Ellie did an amazing job in my cousin Conor's wedding a few weeks ago.  She was the flower girl, and she marched right down that aisle with no problems at all.  She held hands with the ring bearer, stood with the bridesmaids during the ceremony, and then marched right out of the ceremony.

I will tell her this later on in life, but my money was sure not on her getting down the aisle.  It dawned on me later that this event consisted of strangers asking her to do these things, which of course she will comply with.  Its her mom and dad that she says "No" to.

Marching down the aisle

Doing well
Here you can really see who is in charge.
She stood quietly with the bridesmaids for almost 30 minutes

Gazing at her "flower wand"

Heading back after the ceremony

All dressed up with Dad

Tommy liked the dance floor

Ruthie and Ellie took a spin on it

Benefits of a wedding at the Airline History Museum?  Random family plane photos.

Tommy screamed the moment I took him off of this.

A Picnic Filled With Fun

We recently went to a neighborhood picnic with our good friends The Locktons.  All of us had a blast watching Tommy and Miles clown around.  They enjoyed each other, put up with their moms making them pose for lots of pictures, and chowed on some good food.  Ellie was the queen of the picnic, getting her face painted and enjoying all the things to do.

Amy and Nora...who would have ever imagined we would be here 16 years after we first met?

Yummm, brownie

Mr. Cool

Sweet boy

Flirting with Nora

Mr. Cool Part 2

Cool Guy High Five
Getting her face painted

The final product

Hanging with her friend Harper