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We wanted to start this blog as a way to keep track of all the new things going on in our family...read along for fun tales, lots of pictures and just try and keep up with the chaos!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun in Tommy's Class

 We got some great pictures of Tommy in his class last week.  It was "Hawaii" week, which came with fun activities, looking at seashells, digging in sand, and a luau to close up the week!

In Spanish class, learning the spanish words for "hat" and "gloves"

Touching seashells here - love his little round tummy

The luau begins with leis

And ends with grass skirts and dancing.  Please note Tommy's tongue sticking out. 

Mo is funny

Mikey happened to look over at Maddy on the couch one night and this is what he saw.

A Bundle of Trouble

I stumbled upon this one day....

New Year's Eve

We had a great New Year's Eve over at the Pendleton house with a few different families.  Can't believe we are already into a New Year!

Tommy and Lucy Kilroy flirting up a storm

The kids entrance while watching a movie downstairs while the adults mingled upstairs

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day of Fun

We were so lucky to have Uncle John Postlewait staying with us for a week over the holidays.  And when you stay in a house with 2 young kids, you get to see the best and worst of times.  A few days after Christmas, we had a particularly difficult day with the kids - crying, whining, misbehaving and general unhappiness.  So we woke up the following day and pledged to have a "Day of Fun". We ran all around town doing fun things - it was a picture perfect day weather-wise, the kids were both in a great mood, and as John and I said the next day - the Day of Fun will go down in the books as one to remember.

We had a goal to get some good shots of him and the kids.  And after about 100 pictures, I don't know that we got amazing ones.  However, there are several that show our hard work to get a few and that show off a great day for all of us.

Hamming for the camera at breakfast

We had a good meal with both of the kids, no meltdowns - a minor miracle

Swinging at Loose Park

Checking out the climbing wall

Getting some help from Uncle John

Trying for a smile

The "conductor" giving her passenger orders

Photo shoot in the Rose Garden, shadows not helping John and Is quest for good pics

Closer to a good pic

Tommy not wanting to shine for the camera, but at least Ellie is looking at it.

We headed to Crown Center, lots to do!



More tractoring

Tommy wanted to play in the fountain so badly

On the train with John

Good shot

At the zoo to see Nikita

Merry Go Rounding
Good buddies

Cheese - Tom, again not looking at the camera

Another shot at a good pic of the 3 of them - nope, its a fail.

Surely we can get one of the 4 of us right?  Oh, not really, thanks Tom.

With his polar bear at the gift shop

A stop for ice cream and popcorn on the way home from the zoo

Out to Rudy's that night

Love for grandma

Tom put on an amazing show that night...here he is feeding John chips

And sword fighting with straws

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas day.  It started with us coming down and seeing what Santa brought.  Ellie was incredibly excited, and woke up before Tommy that morning.  After I told her she needed to wait for Tommy to wake up before going down to see if Santa had come, she said "Well, Mom, one of you can stay up here and wait for Tom and the other one needs to take me down to see if Santa has been here".  Tommy woke up in short order, and we were off to a busy day of present opening and visiting with family.

Great look on her face after opening a gift in the beginning.

This was Ellie's big present...a princess castle
She even let Tommy in on the action

Tom and I working on opening his

Sadie got a new dog bed

Which Tommy quickly took over

Over at Large and Ruthie's - Tommy got a work bench

Cute little man in plaid

Outside playing on a pretty day

Round 2 of presents that day

Ellie checking out a new game

Round 3 of presents on Christmas brought us a slide!

Pretty fun

We went to John and Amber's that night for dinner, Tommy played near Ellie's princesses (yes, all 7 of them made the trip).

Dressed to the nines playing "store"

Mikey and I enjoying some fun

The coolest perch ever at John and Ambers