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We wanted to start this blog as a way to keep track of all the new things going on in our family...read along for fun tales, lots of pictures and just try and keep up with the chaos!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Gymnastics Performance

Tommy and I were treated to Ellie's last gymnastics class, where they put on a special performance of all their tricks.  Here are a few shots of our gymnast.

First Trip to the Lake of 2013

We ushered in Memorial Weekend with a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks.  The kids (and my husband) adore their time at the lake.  They throw rocks for hours, ride in the canoe, drive Papa's boat, swim in the pool like fish, and - they also go fishing.

Tommy's First Fish!  Super proud!

They had nail and face painting at the pool.  It was Ellie's favorite day ever.

Ellie holding her cousin Isabel.  Ellie is always there to show Izzy some love.

Love this picture.  Two pretty girls.

Two silly girls.

Dog pile!  Izzy won!

Ellie's Last Day of School

Ellie recently had her last day of school.  I snapped a few pictures of her before she went in, and all the families were invited to a sing along and celebration at the end of the day.  Mikey happened to have the day off, so we gave Ellie her choice of place to eat lunch to celebrate...where did we end up?  Yup, Chick Fil A.

Ellie had such a great year this year.  She spent the first half of the year at her old school at Cerner, learning and growing with kids she had known for years.  In January, she started at her new school.  We were so worried about this transition, but as with most things with Ellie, she charged forward without looking back.  She had two wonderful teachers that we really liked, met so many new friends, and in turn we have made friends with lots of families at her new school.

She has learned so much this year.  She knows all of her letters and numbers to 100, she colors fabulous pictures of patterns, stays inside the lines really well while coloring, has learned how to play better with others, has mastered the monkey bars and pretty much any climbing apparatus, and loves to read.  We are so proud of all she accomplished this year.

When I told her I wanted to take her picture, Ellie insisted Tommy be in the first one.

Big girl.  We are so proud of all she has done this year.

Song number #1

Song #2, an interactive little diddy.

Posing with Ms. Stewart, one of her teachers.

Posing with Ms York, her other teachers.

Mother's Day Celebration at Ellie's School

Mother's Day was ushered in early this year at Ellie's school.  I was invited to a sing along that her class performed for all the mom's, and given a beautiful necklace and questionnaire that Ellie filled out about me that I will keep forever.

I took a picture of this sign...the question was "What makes my mom special".  Ellie's answer (if you can't read it) "She makes me grilled cheese sandwiches".

Her class lined up and ready to sing.

Happy about performing.

Fun Night at the Sporting Game

We went to see a Sporting KC game recently on a lovely night.  The kids had a blast at the stadium.  They loved the Star Spangled Banner, the fireworks that went off after, all the singing and chanting.  Sometimes you forget about the little things when you go to events like this, which the kids happily remind you of.