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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Family Vacation

In late February, our family took a big vacation to Mexico.  Although I was skeptical it would go off without a hitch (I mean, this is intensive travel with a 3 year old and a 1 year old I am talking about - meltdowns on planes, missing naps, strange food, sunburns, strange places to sleep, crazy schedules), it actually did.  We had a wonderful, incredible vacation.  In fact today, Ellie and I were reading a book about going places, and it ended with the question of "Where do you want to go?"  Ellie replied - "Back to vacation".  I agree!  Here are (a ton of) pictures!

Arriving in Mexico - don't look so bad for being up since 3:30 am

Changed quickly and hit the pool.  This was Ellie's first two piece.  In the bathroom she said to me "Mom, I can see my belly button?"

Waving hi to Dad - this was the Kids Aqua Park - water slides everywhere

Ellie after her first trip down the slide.

Going up the stairs to the water slides

They even had little ones for Tommy
Next stop on Day 1 - the beach

Lots of digging

Tom and Dad in the water

Our beach comber

Doesn't quite know what to think of the water coming in on him

So he threw sand instead
Our resort had a "Snack Bar' with food and drinks available at all times, and swings to sit on.

Day two - back at the Aqua Park

The water was about a foot and a half deep, so even Tommy could wade around.

Hitting the slides

Having a ton of fun!

Happiest guy around

From the top of the slide

Hi-Fiving Dad and Tom on the way down.
Our favorite activity - every night they had a Family Movie shown outside on a huge screen, complete with popcorn.

Without toys, we had to get creative.  My makeup bag held all sorts of wonders for them.

Kid size chess

They loved this!

The "big kid" pool.

My favorite pic of the trip.  Two buddies.

"Dad, let me get your sunglasses for you"

"Here, maybe I should just wear them"
My and my pool buddies.

Dad and his girl on the swings.

Love a guy in argyle.

Getting after it in the ball pit at the kids club

Huge amenity for us?  Jacuzzi outside on our balcony.  Kids loved getting clean at night.

Another family movie - Tom dominating the bag of popcorn.
This was the only time that pale tummy saw sun, but I needed at least one belly pic

Ellie and Dad went on a kayak, she was pumped!

Heading out to sea

A man, his pail and his shovel - that's all he needs.  Actually he didn't really like the sand, but I snapped some pics anyway.

Love these two, got a good pic before we headed out to dinner

Mikey magically rigged a family pic by putting the camera on another beach chair.

What more does a girl need at dinner besides an iPad and a shirley temple in a champagne glass.
Dad and Tom at the water slides

And on top of the rocks

She loved the aqua park

She was being a sweet girl this day, so I need this pic to remember it.

This was Ellie's favorite part of the trip, waiting in line to get her face painted.  Can't tell she is excited can you?

Holding still

So proud.
While we waited for her, Tom and I took a pic by ourselves.  Love him.

Tom and Dad at our last dinner.

Again, Ellie won't pose with me.

Family picture - Ellie looks thrilled (and kind of scary).

That night they had a pinata party for all the kids - here is Ellie stepping up to swing.

She got in some good licks.

This was at 8 pm - probably can't tell that Tommy is tired while waiting for Ellie to get done.

It broke - the race is on to find candy. 

Mikey helped Ellie get candy and not get trampled.

All in all, we had an amazing family trip and will remember it forever.