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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ellie and Tommy Get Baptized

We had a wonderful family event on Mother's Day!  Ellie and Tommy were baptized at Village Presbyterian Church in a really nice ceremony.  It was a part of the 9:30 church service, and the neat thing was that the entire congregation accepted the responsibility to watch over Ellie and Tommy as they grow.

Ellie and Tommy did extremely well during the ceremony.  We at first thought Ellie might not be as "receptive" (as Reverand Are put it), but Mikey held her as she was baptized, and she did great.  The cutest part was when she and Mikey rejoined us at the alter and Mikey whispered to her "What did you just do?" and Ellie made a cross on Mikey's forehead to show him.  Very sweet.  Tommy was the sweet guy that he is.  The minister took him, held him tight and he smiled sweetly as the water dripped over him.

It was a beautiful ceremony. followed by a very filling brunch (and an active brunch for Ruthie who drew the short straw and sat next to Ellie at a place with a buffet - Ruthie, I want strawberries, Ruthie, I want pancakes).