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We wanted to start this blog as a way to keep track of all the new things going on in our family...read along for fun tales, lots of pictures and just try and keep up with the chaos!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sharing a room

During the run up to baby number three, we asked the kids several times if they wanted their own room or wanted to share a room.  The overwhelming response to months of this question was that a) they wanted to share a room and b) they really, really, really wanted a bunk bed.

So Mikey and I finally caved, and got them a bunk bed.  We figure we will switch the boys over to it if/when Ellie and Tommy get tired of it.

This is Tommy's first twin bed, so we snapped a quick pic of him before he went to bed on night #1.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Parents Get Away

Mikey recently given an award by Sprint for all of his hard work in 2012.  This award came complete with 2 airplane tickets, a swanky hotel for 4 nights in Miami, plus all sorts of fun things for us once we got there.  For parents of two small children and another on away, 4 nights of R&R in a warm place...it really couldn't have been more appreciated.  Sprint treated us incredibly well, and we enjoyed our time away, especially in light of adding another boy to our clan soon.

Here are some pictures from our fun.

Posing at the beach.
The view from our hotel room.  81 and sunny the whole time we were there!
Dressed up all fancy for awards night.
Mikey got called to duty for a skit on stage.

Back on stage getting his award.
The view from the big screen.  Mikey is big time.
Sunrise on the day we left.

If you were worried that our kids weren't having any fun while we were gone, Amber sent me these pictures of the kids during their sleepover at John and Ambers....

Cuddling with Maddy

Two sweet, sweet girls.  Ellie looks so old in this picture I can't stand it, and its perfect of Isabel's baby blues.

Amber made door signs for them for the rooms they were sleeping in.  Tommy looks like a big kid here to me.

Who doesn't love a princess room?

Ladies Day....

On Thursdays, Ellie and I have the morning to ourselves.  We call it "Ladies Morning".  Recently, I took her in to have our nails done, and she was pretty happy about that.  I love these mornings with her...its nice to have her all to myself, and we do some neat things together.

Poor Sadie

They love her, that's for sure...and she puts up with a lot...

First day out at the zoo

We hit the zoo for the first time this year and I got a couple of good shots of Mikey and the kids...

The best picture of the three of them I could manage.

Love the merry go round.

This one is a favorite of mine.  Best picture I have gotten of Mikey and Tommy in a long time.

Ellie the Gymnast

Ellie has been taking gymnastics for the past couple of months and is loving it.  Here she is in action....

Easter Fun

We had a beautiful Easter this year.  Fantastic weather, a great time hunting for eggs, lots of sweets and family time.  Here are some pictures...

Looking at the baskets the Easter Bunny left them.
On the hunt for those eggs...

Lots of them to find....

I love this one...sleepy guy in pjs, still hunting for eggs as fast as he can.

Gotta have the front door pose on Easter.  I didn't know it "required" the stuffed animals that the Easter Bunny brought, but Ellie informed me it did.

Cheese...family pose.  Love Tom's cheesy smile.

This was supposed to be an Amy & Mikey pose, again, Ellie informing us we were wrong on that one.

Pretty girl.  Can't believe how grown up she is.  And still holding the skirt of her dress up as the Disney princesses have taught her.

Burgess Boys....Tommy looks nervous here.

Tommy and Grandma P

Grandma P with both kids.
Ellie and Grandma P

The crew visiting Ruthie after church.
We went over to John and Amber's for a pm celebration.  Here is our attempt at a cousins pictures.   Way too sunny, luckily Ellie is on the case to protect Isabel.  

Now we turned them away from the sun...but could not coordinate all three looking at the camera.  They are cuties nonetheless.
Burgess girls....

Gotta have a guy wear a sombrero at an Easter dinner right?