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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tommy Turns 3

I can hardly believe that Tommy turned three. On one hand, he has a huge and awesome vocabulary, can climb nearly anything in his path no matter how tall, and has certainly picked up how to stand up to his sister. But Tommy will always be a sweet little boy to me. He has such a great heart, is incredibly sweet and cute and cuddly, but as he has grown into those 3 years, those moments are growing fewer. I might just have to make him give me kisses, but he still does...for now. 

Tommy started preschool and is doing incredibly well, save for some rough drop offs. He enjoys going to "Ellie's school". He was utterly blown away by Luke being born and absolutely adores him. Superheroes have taken over his life to every extent, but he can still name all the princesses thanks to his sister. He can keep up with just about anyone, following behind our friend's older children, but doing everything they do.

Tommy is the heart of our family, a sweet soul, with three year old tantrums creeping in from time to time. We are so blessed to have him and have enjoyed watching him grow.

So happy to be "king" of his party.

A group picture of his friends at his party.

Loves superheroes. This is a fave pic of mine.

Sweet and a little shy while his family sang happy birthday to him. Sadie was waiting for crumbs to drop.

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